A kiosk is a box.

Sure, it has hardware, sophisticated electronics, a user interface, graphics, etc…. but ultimately it is still a box.
It starts as a box.  A box of possibility. An open, empty container waiting for solutions to fill it.  It is a need fulfillment device.  A way to engage the intended audience, shape their interaction with the brand/product being promoted and in the end – fulfill a need.  Before you buy the box, you need to see it as it is.  A box of possibility not hampered by constraints or improbabilities, and most especially “we have not ever done that before.”  It needs to be a container of what-ifs ready to be explored.  It needs to reach beyond the basics of gadgetry and become a possibility waiting to be discovered.
  • What do you want / need your box to do? (FUNCTION)
  • How do you want people to engage your box? (INTERACTIVITY)
  • What do you want to put inside your box? (PERFORMANCE)
  • How do you want your box to look? (VISUALIZATION)
  • Where do you want your box to be? (PRESENCE)
Again, a kiosk is a box. What do you want inside?