Self-Service Solutions Powered by Mzero Software

The Mzero software suite is a compilation of award-winning software tools that keep your device safe and fully-functioning, giving you a peace of mind about your self-service deployment. Our market-leading software can be tailored to any organization; from a single kiosk, to endless multifunctional self-service solutions across the globe which is why over 300 international customers trust Mzero software to secure, manage and maintain their kiosk deployments. Mzero Software allows for rapid development of self service applications using Mzero SDK and API.

MzeroMetrics Camera Analytics

MzeroMetrics is a camera analytics engine, which gives clients control over their advertising investment. Companies are able to shift with the landscape of the marketplace to completely engage with customers and consistently increase brand awareness. MzeroMetrics gathers anonymous data using a camera interface within any digital signage solution. Mzero has built this tool so that you can gauge the best possible ROI. The face recognition anonymous software detects the presence of users and collects demographic group data around knowing your target audience so that you can adapt your advertising campaign based on the potential audience.

MzeroMetrics enables companies to maximize the point-of-sale potential of their digital signage investment. Video sensors and proprietary algorithms work together to count the visitors of public places, detect those who look at specific points of interest, track dwell and attention time, and qualify individuals by age and gender. No images or uniquely identifiable data are ever recorded; the captured anonymous data is then uploaded into the cloud and made available through the MzeroManage dashboard.

With MzeroMetrics, targeting the demographic directly conveys a message with the best chance of success. Additionally, advertisers can expect higher conversion rates as a result of more specifically tailored and targeted ads; this approach is data driven versus traditional advertising which addresses a wide audience with often broad, yet vague, messaging.

The user and the user’s eyes are tracked so that you know things like dwell time and whether eye contact was made with the ad itself. You are also able to know what content was on the screen when eye contact was made. Key points:

  • Measure the success of each ad and how well they are targeting each group as they pass
  • Adaptive approach to advertising, you can quickly know what is effective and what needs to be changed.
  • Adapting to the Approach and playing an audio queue when the user gets close
  • Audio cue on approach to incentivize user to touch the screen to engage combined with similar visual cues
  • A message when the user is close could personalize the experience

MzeroMetrics will maximize any digital signage investment.

mBOX Automated Lockers

Imagine for a minute. A customer places an internet-based order on their mobile device or computer, and wants to schedule a same-day pickup. Now we have a new option, pick up at the locker. A sales associate pulls the purchased items from stock and prints the receipt which generates a 1-time code. That receipt with code is sent to the buyer. The locker system detects a new code and opens an available locker, products are securly placed in the locker. The buyer later scans his code which opens the same locker. He removes his purchase and leaves the store with no wait, no congested sales register lines, and no frustration.


  • Secure, kiosk managed storage
  • Simplified purchase pickup
  • Ease of handling online sales pickup
  • Avoided customer frustration
  • Great way to increase sales via immeadiate fullfilment
  • Improve customer experience

Uses (indoor and out)

  • Retail for product pickup
  • Repair drop off and pick up (cable companies)
  • Shipping and Receiving solutions
  • Food Pickup
  • Cell phone charging solutions
  • Locker rentals for facilities
  • Tool Rental access
  • Car rental
  • Housing rentals (pickup the key drop off the key)
  • Laundry and dry cleaning

InterAct Digital Signage software

Digital signage is expected to experience double digit growth in the coming years. Nielsen’s ‘4th Screen Network Audience Report’ identifies digital screens in the “fourth screen” category in the US having generated over 237 million monthly exposures to persons 18+ years or older. In order to provide a turn-key solution for our clientele, meridian designed an interactive signage solution and powered the solution with our proprietary software, mzero. The digital signage solution utilizes VoIP, SMS messaging and QR codes to maximize client branding and user interaction.

Digital signage solutions are most commonly utilized in the retail, entertainment, travel, hospitality, healthcare, financial and tourism industry yet continue to expand verticals as the self-service technology footprint expands. meridian’s digital signage solution can be interactive with way-finding, virtual assistance, product information and a host of other applications to increase customer satisfaction and usage. The solution also provides options for additional screens to increase in-store digital signage to maximize client branding.

Meridian’s digital signage solution ‘InterAct’ offers a high return on investment by maximizing client branding and increasing customer satisfaction. Our clients across the globe have expanded their presence with our solution because of the flexibility in components. With our on-site manufacturing facility, we have been able to deliver exceptional solutions quickly.

Mzero Software provides a foundation for any company to create rich interactive experiences with digital signage that are measurable, manageable and accessible. Mzero also develops turnkey solutions for clients, offering the same platform to any Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to leverage the same capabilities.

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) calling Over the internet via wired, wireless or 4G cellular network using the kiosk’s optional telephone handset, phone pad or on-screen prompts.
  • Outbound SMS messaging To maximize advertising opportunities and expanded branding to mobile devices. QR Codes can also be incorporated to allow users to transfer information instantly to their mobile phone.
  • Multi-language support For displaying content in ten languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.
  • Reporting and Management Maximize up-time by receiving diagnosis of issues as they occur, saving money by reducing site visits. This reduces time required to know the status of your deployment by giving you access to view the state of health of your entire solution — from application to peripherals.


Print on Demand Solution


The Mzero Print on Demand Solution eliminates the need for mass quantities of printed brochures that will always go out of date. The information is live so only the latest information is printed. The simple interface allows a user to select the products, service, hotel, restaurant, attraction, etc. they would like more info on and print a brochure on demand. They can select multiple choices and can choose to print a summary of the choices; so, if you desired information on a hotel, restaurant and a show, you’ll have everything you need all on one page.

The POD’s also include Spout codes. This allows a user to use the free Spout app on their mobile device, scan the code on the screen and keep the info in their mobile device, they can also share the information via email, facebook or twitter, they can even give the listing a rating right from the app.

So you can print or scan and get all the up to date information you need quickly and eliminate thousands of out of date pre-printed brochures.

Hotel Self Check-in

Visitor Management

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