Application Development Tools



Utilize. Develop. Deploy.

MzeroCreate is designed to help create custom self-service applications; MzeroCreate provides a suite of developer tools that allows full-customization of our industry-leading platform. It is ideal for businesses with multiple kiosks requiring custom configuration.

MzeroCreate is the software framework component from Meridian for developing the on-kiosk applications, providing software developers with the environment to quickly develop and deploy compelling solutions.




  • MzeroCreate provides a structured architecture for dealing with a composite self-service kiosk
  • The MzeroCreate modular approach supports reusable components
  • Valuable business services are prebuilt – devices are pre-integrated
  • MzeroCreate is pre-integrated to Meridian’s performance monitoring solution – MzeroManage
  • Provides the development tools for building custom applications
  • Decreases time to market
  • Allows you to focus on the business value of your solution
  • Remotely manage and deploy HTML5, Adobe Air, Flex and Flash and Microsoft .NET applications into the secure kiosk platform
  • Simple interfaces to all features of the kiosk peripherals

Who is it for?


  • Used by developers to create custom self-service applications
  • Development of custom applications using MzeroCreate can be undertaken by Meridian’s own team of skilled software developers, by a customer’s in-house IT resources, or by third-party resources
  • Developers focus on the business application, using the standard components of MzeroCreate to provide the foundation
  • Team members using MzeroCreate work with familiar technology – Adobe Air, Flash and FLEX, Microsoft .NET, HTML, etc.
  • Custom development effort focuses mainly on the user interface, leaving Meridian to handle security, integration to devices such as printers and scanners and integration to enterprise systems