Performance Management Software


Secure. Remote. Connected.

MzeroManage is designed to effortlessly manage multiple kiosks in remote locations; MzeroManage helps keep your kiosks running at peak performance. Ideal for businesses requiring system security and remote performance management; stay connected through the cloud.

MzeroManage is also the software suite component from meridian to remotely monitor and control the on-kiosk application, providing configuration and control, status reporting and dashboards.


Performance Management & Maintenance Features:


  • Performance management solution
  • Manage multiple kiosks in
    remote locations
  • Keep multiple kiosks running at peak performance
  • Ideal for businesses requiring system security and
    remote performance management
  • Performance Management Agent
  • Call for Help Alerting
  • Condition and Connection Access
  • Quick Access Dashboard
  • Component Management and Alerts
  • Scheduled Advertising Campaign Loop
  • Screen Sharing
  • Real Time Usage Reporting
  • Kiosk Access Management
  • Update Deployment and File Transferring
  • Time Based Content Deployments

Who is it for?


  • System administrators to monitor and control remote kiosks
  • Identification of issues with kiosks so that maintenance actions can be undertaken. These can be “expected” events – such as a printer being low on paper or “unexpected” events such as a device failure
  • Business users to report on the status of devices and usage