Remote Sensor Solutions Powered by MzeroManage

The Mzero family of sensors allow devices otherwise left offline to now become part of the internet of things. Control your inventory, monitor for issues, monitor for activity, monitor for just about anything.

How it Works

MzeroManage services the remote sensor by aggregating data in our central dashboard. The alerts from the mzero remote sensor can then be delegated to one or more team members via dashboard alerting, emails and upstream integration with your existing enterprise ticketing systems.

Network Diagram


Features and Benefits

Lightweight and cost effective communication protocol

  • SMS Protocol – More reliable and less expensive than data options. Works in areas where signal is not strong enough to carry data and works better in areas that are overly saturated with other traffic where data would be a challenge.
  • Highly Extensible – Allows additional sensors and alerts to be added in the mzeromanage.
  • Alarms from the Mzero Remote sensor are prioritized and delegated to one or more users responsible for the device.
  • mzeromanage is a full service dashboard with alerting by email when an alert is raised by the Mzero Remote Sensor. The system is also integration-ready with your upstream ticketing system providing a single integration point.

Data Collected

The following information is collected from your mzero remote sensor

  • Identity and Location Data – The home location of the cellular phone number assigned to the sensor along with the phone number is reported to the server.
  • Heartbeat – The sensor periodically checks in with the server, if the mzero remote sensor fails to check in an alert will be generated so you can dispatch a technician. The system tracks the last contact time.
  • State of Health Alarm – The sensor can report specific types of access sensor data, the system is highly extensible to suit your business case.
  • Lockers, Drop Box or ice chest status – The sensor can be configured to detect presence of a package in one or more lockers or can determine if inventory of an icebox is low.
  • Battery level – Optionally, the batter power level is traced and a state of health alert is sent when the battery power is low or very low.

The mzeromanage enterprise portal enables you to manage your deployment by creating and viewing mzero remote sensors. Sensors are categorized as needed – typically by location, such as country, state and business unit. The remote sensor is identified by its unique phone number. The management tool also allows you to create user logins and assign who receives email notifications when a sensor alert is raised.