Case Studies for MzeroPlatform, MzeroManage & MzeroCreate

The Mzero software suite is a compilation of award-winning software tools that keep your device safe and fully-functioning, giving you a peace of mind about your self-service deployment. Our market-leading software can be tailored to any organization; from a single kiosk, to endless multi-functional self-service solutions across the globe which is why over 300 international customers trust mzero software to secure, manage and maintain their kiosk deployments. The following are case studies examining the successful implementation of solutions developed with Mzero Software.

Direct General Insurance

Direct on the Spot (DotS)

Direct General (DG) used the MzeroCreate software to build a complex application that allows clients to get car insurance quotes, buy insurance, pay their bill or even talk to a DG Insurance representative. DG also used the MzeroManage to add content on a second screen as well as the camera analytics plugin to gather data from the surrounding audience, capturing age, gender and how long they looked at the screen for. Read More >>

Columbus Airport Solution

Interactive Way-finding, Digital Signage, & More

Mzero teamed with leading digital agency Hanson and HP to create a unique way-finding solution with numerous features. The application includes features such as the digital postcard, Facebook integration, digital interactive marketing and much more. Hanson Inc. utilized the MzeroCreate SDK to bring together an appealing and rich solution. Read More >>

Clear Channel Airports Solution

Interactive Digital Signage & Advertising Platform

Clear Channel Airports (CCA) utilized Mzero Software to build a turnkey system for an interactive digital signage and advertising platform for installation at airports across the US and Canada. The solution allowed CCA to sell advertising to local merchants such as hotels, transportation providers, entertainment venues and restaurants. Within each category a list of advertisers display information pertinent to travelers. Read More >>

IKEA USA Solution

Instant Credit in the Store

IKEA USA utilized a solution to provide an application process for in-store consumer credit. The kiosks were placed near large-ticket items so that customers could apply instantly to receive consumer credit, redeemable at the point of sale. Users were able to buy large ticket items at the moment with the newly acquired credit. Behind the scenes, the credit application was processed instantly through a connection with GE Consumer Credit. Read More >>

Complete Cash Solution


Automated Currency Management

Complete Cash, with over 84 stores, turned to MzeroCreate for software to power and Automated Currency Management (ACM) system. The system combines the functions of an accept/dispense unit into a single closed-loop device that manages cash in one centralized location. The ACM relies on MzeroManage software and the MEI Bank Note Recycler (BNR) to streamline the cash management process. Read More >>

NOAA Solution

Interactive Information at Marine Sanctuaries

NOAA turned to Mzero Software to develop a solution for its Marine Sanctuary Habitats throughout the U.S. These interactive stations kiosks offer a high-impact visual and auditory showcase of all the treasures the sanctuaries have to offer. Users learn about the various activities of the sanctuary, educational and outreach programs, research projects and resource protection programs, and information about species and habitats.