Meridian’s Automated Currency Manager Powered by MzeroManage

ACM-case-studyIn response to a demand for a comprehensive cash management solution, Meridian has developed its Automated Currency Manager (ACM). This automated cash recycling system combines the functions of an accept/dispense unit into a single closed-loop device that manages cash in one centralized location. The ACM relies on Meridian’s proprietary MzeroManage software and the  Bank Note Recycler (MEI BNR) to streamline the cash management process. This streamlining is accomplished by lowering cash handling costs, reducing cash float, optimizing cash-in-transit costs, increasing security with real time cash validation and lockable cash modules and providing the industry best valid street-grade note acceptance.

Total Solution

With MzeroManage software preinstalled, our clients can be assured that their solution is secure and easy to manage. mzero software seamlessly integrates with the current POS and back office systems.

Maximize Employee Efficiency

This standalone device allows employees to sign in and out without security risk.

Captures More Information

Allows managers and employees to easily view, record and visualize cash flow at any time without transaction interruption.

Unlimited Scalability

Network and manage multiple kiosks at various key entry points or facilities utilizing MzeroManage software. In many businesses, cash is constantly changing hands at a service desk, through the back office and to the bank. The movement and management of that cash is costly because it involves employee labor, multiple trips to and from the bank and processing fees. Now, these costly cash activities can be expedited and/or eliminated.

Download ACM Case Study

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