Have you ever heard of the Newtonian Cradle? It is a simple contraption that has a series of steel balls of identical size and weight, suspended in tandem one against another. If you pull back one ball and let it go, it will swing forward and impact the group. From the other side a single ball will be propelled out, return and repeat the back-in-forth action of almost perpetual tap-tap-tapping. This is a simple illustration of Newton’s Law that states, “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.” To see this really played out, it gets quite interesting if your cradle has 5 balls, and you pull back 4 of the balls and let them swing…. Any guesses as to what happens? I will tell you in a minute.
What is the point? I remember the early years of programming, there was this simple mantra that set the parameters for a computer system – G-I-G-O. Garbage – In – Garbage – Out. In other words, what you put into the system, is what you get out. Whether it is the design, coding, security, components, or whatever element of the system – what you get out of the system will never exceed what was put in.
Meridian is not the low-cost leader, and we do not want to be. We focus on creating quality self-service solutions utilizing top-tier components, a robust software framework, and knowledge that comes from over 20 years in the industry. We are not just metal benders and manufacturers – though we do it exceptionally well. We are first and foremost, solution providers in self-service.  We are paving the way to create the industry standard in exceptional products and services in the self-service industry.
Back to the Newtonian Cradle… when the 4 balls strike that solitary ball, there is transition of energy. The last ball in the colliding set remains stationary, and 4 fly forth in an opposing trajectory. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. We put in quality, because we intend to get out quality. We simply would not have it any other way.